SOS – Save Our Schools is a tax-exempt Chapter 317A 501(C)3 nonprofit. In our first year of operation, SOS was able to fulfill over $15,000 in grants to classrooms and programs in Minneapolis Public Schools.

All of us at SOS – Save Our Schools thank you – our donors, volunteers, and those of you who do both – from the bottom of our hearts. Your devotion to improving the lives of students everywhere is to be admired. On behalf of everyone at SOS, I commend your efforts to create a better and brighter future.

– Josh Thelemann Founder & Executive Director

Donors may purchase a grant and dedicate it to a friend, family member, former teacher, or colleague. This allows the donor(s) to have a direct say over the grant process and gives the donor(s) an opportunity to award the grant personally to its recipient. To inquire about how to become a recognized contributor, please email info@saveourschoolstoday.org.

Founding Donors

  • Therese Caldwell
  • Katherine and Phil Guettler
  • Paul and Lisa Thelemann
  • Marc Grossfield
  • Mary and Denny Farrell
  • Bob and Jane Ketroser
  • Jaclyn Grossfield
  • Josh Thelemann
  • Brandon Agneberg

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