Your donation, your choice
Choose a donation category that fits you best. All donations are monthly recurring transactions unless stated otherwise under “Description” on the payment form.

1. Latchkey and Lunch
This category supports before and after school programs, and programs not affiliated with a school or its curriculum (e.g. free/reduced lunch, summer camps, outreach programs).

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2. Core Subjects 
Remember “reading, writing and ‘rithmetic”? All of these as well as science and social studies are covered in this category.

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3. Electives  
This category covers art, music, and physical education as well as special education programs and ELL services.

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4. General 
Our Board of Directors and grant review committee will utilize money donated to to this category for any grant proposals that do not fit into the above categories and/or to provide any additional funding needed to support grants from other categories.

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