Our grants are funding bike safety and urban exploration, worldwide travel for students of low SES backgrounds, early childhood music programs, and structured, supervised free time.

SOS – Save Our Schools brings people together to create a system where children flourish in their educational environments. It was founded for dream-makers, world changers, and to give every man, women and child an opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone else. Whether it be one dollar, or a million of them, one individual or corporation – SOS is taking the simple principle of microfinance and empowering every donor with a voice; Your Donation, Your Choice – donate to an area that will positively impact the life of a child in need, or one that contributed to your own personal growth.


For starters, in 2011 $2.7 Billion dollars were cut from the educational budget. This left  students who find themselves stuck in the vicious cycle – multigenerational poverty – at a further disadvantage due to lack of funding for his and her education.  With drastic cuts to our education and a struggling economy, the achievement gap in Minnesota has balloned to the 2nd largest in the country and it reflects elsewhere; Minnesota has the largest employment gap and the largest housing gap in the nation. These problems along with countless others place a heavy burden on it’s citizens not living in poverty and in at-risk situations. SOS, in only its first year of operation, is awarding grants which are funding bike safety and urban exploration, worldwide travel for students of low SES backgrounds, early childhood music programs, and structured, supervised free time. At the bottom of this page.


Your Donation, Your Choice! The “How” is really quite simple – chose an area that you wish to donate, an area you believe passionately in. SOS’s approach is one of inclusion and transparency – SOS collects information, data and grants from those working directly with the students and you help fund the grants. Money is put towards grants that will have the greatest impact on a child and/or his and her community and effect the root cause of the many issues that plague children living educational and socioeconomic poverty. Read below to hear how SOS is changing the lives of so many:

Pillsbury Pedal Power is an after school program for Pillsbury Charter School on the Northside and will be implemented next year. For 8 weeks in the Fall and 8 weeks in the Spring, students will continue to further his and her education after school by learning about various art, historical and scientific areas throughout the Twin Cities.  Students will then be able to take safe bike routes to physically reach these places.

Pratt Elementary School – Early Childhood Music Program, which was cut this year.  More than 90% of brain development occurs before the age 5 and Pratt serves an extremely culturally, socially and linguistically diverse school, which made the Early Childhood Music Program invaluable to their children’s development.

Bethune serves a student population that is 99.7% free and reduced lunch (family of four living on approximately $28,000 or less qualifies for free lunch). Bethune has ambitious goals to see the number of their student’s suspended decrease by 20% by 2015. When Playoworks was
implemented Bethune had 350 students and 585 suspensions! Bethune’s goal was to decrease the number of suspensions by 12% the first year of Playowrks, 20% the second year. After Year one (this current school year), Bethune was ahead of schedule, they however, have run out of
funding and would have had to cut Playworks from their school.

Emerson Spanish Emersion School will be taking a select group of students to Puerto Rico June 11-18. On this trip students (who have never ventured outside of the cities) will fly down to Puerto Rico. Their trip will include immersing the students in a school with Puerto Rican students, and various historical and scientific tours.  The tours include the Arecibo Observatory (the largest in North America), Old San Juan, a bioluminescent bay after sunset, and the rain forest.



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